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4 Reasons to Buy Ethereum Like There’s No Tomorrow

Ether (CRYPTO: ETH), the leading cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network, has seen a 70% rally in the past year. Despite this, it remains 35% below its all-time high of $4,815 set in November 2021 during the peak of the crypto buying frenzy.

Some optimistic investors believe that Ether’s price could skyrocket even further. VanEck’s Matthew Sigel and Patrick Bush predict a price of $11,800 by 2030, while Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood suggests it could reach $166,000 by 2032. While these estimates should be taken with caution, there are four key reasons why Ether could continue to rise.

1. Interest rates are stabilizing
Rising interest rates in 2022 led to a decline in Ether and other cryptocurrencies. However, with the Federal Reserve keeping rates unchanged and possibly lowering them after inflation eases, more investors may return to riskier assets like cryptocurrencies.

2. Decreasing supply
The Ethereum Network’s “London” upgrade in August 2021 introduced changes that streamlined transaction fees and initiated a burning process to remove Ether from circulation. The transition to the more energy-efficient proof of stake method reduced mining energy consumption and made Ether deflationary, with more Ether being burned than issued.

3. Potential ETF approvals
While the SEC has approved spot price Bitcoin ETFs, it has hesitated to do the same for Ether due to regulatory concerns. However, ETF issuers may challenge the SEC, and recent approvals in Hong Kong could push the SEC to act faster.

4. Growth of decentralized apps
Ether’s open-source network allows for the development of decentralized apps, tokens, and other assets. The decentralized apps market is expected to grow significantly, driving adoption of Ether as a mainstream digital currency.

Investors should be prepared for high volatility when investing in Ether, as it can experience significant fluctuations. It is advisable not to invest money needed in the short term. However, for those willing to withstand the volatility, Ether could offer substantial long-term gains.

In conclusion, while Ether’s future price trajectory is uncertain, these factors suggest a potential for further growth. Investors should carefully consider their investment strategy and risk tolerance before investing in Ether.

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