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Plug and Play, AllianceBlock, Visa and Others to Launch a New Innovation

Plug and Play, an international innovation network, has unveiled its new crypto/digital assets program in Silicon Valley, together with founding partners AllianceBlock, Visa, and other luminaries. With this program, they hope to forge partnerships with startups from across the globe to create innovative products  for cryptocurrency/digital assets. The platform will provide a space for startups to collaborate with each other along with the founding members to develop new products and services. The goal is to foster innovation in the digital assets space and to make it easier for startups to bring new products to market. 

Maximillian Jungreis, Head of Crypto and Digital Assets at Plug and Play, said of the alliance,

“We look forward to accelerating enterprise-level adoption and bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3,” The new alliance intends to help “launch our new program and multiply our reach and impact in the crypto space.”

A natural alliance

The partnership between Plug and Play and AllianceBlock seems a natural choice as AllianceBlock’s mission is to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital finance by serving as a standard industry end-to-end infrastructure system which allows users (individuals, projects, or businesses) to access advanced solutions that are efficient because they are decentralized.

One of the ways that AllianceBlock provides value is through a set of modular and user-friendly tools for developers to begin utilizing blockchain technology in their business processes. This includes ready-to-use applications and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, which give anyone immediate access to the core financial mechanisms in crypto. In doing so, AllianceBlock helps remove design challenges and reduces development time by focusing on their own goals instead; ultimately decreasing time-to-market while maximizing relevance through an interoperable ecosystem where they bring demand and supply together through partnerships with other members who use these tools.

For many entrepreneurs and new businesses alike, there’s often a steep learning curve when it comes to utilizing the existing financial tools for their product. But AllianceBlock’s platform simplifies and reduces development complexity for enterprises at competitive pricing.

Plug and Play accelerator

Plug and Play accelerators host startup events around the globe, connecting startups with corporations across various industries. These 4 main products fall  under the umbrella of their Crypto and Digital Assets:

Stablecoin Implementation – A stablecoin is a digital asset whose value is pegged to that of a fiat currency or other asset. Stablecoins have become popular in the cryptocurrency space as they offer the benefits of digital assets, such as lower fees and faster transactions, without the volatility associated with other cryptocurrencies. Businesses that adopt stablecoins can enjoy the benefits of crypto without the volatility, making them ideal for cross-border payments and other use cases.

Decentralized Finances – Blockchains can make capital markets more efficient and accessible by making units of value – stocks, bonds, real estate, currencies, etc. – interoperable, programmable, and composable. This would allow for easier access to capital markets for everyone involved.This will lead to increased opportunities for investment, innovation, and economic growth.

Crypto Economics – Tokens present new possibilities for raising capital and coordinating people that go beyond the digital realm and into the physical world. Cryptocurrency-based systems are providing access to essential resources like file storage and wireless services in a decentralized manner—and the resulting business benefits are significant.

Enterprise Blockchains – Enterprise blockchains are networks made specifically for major corporations and organizations. These chains incorporate the key benefits of blockchain technology including efficiency, immutability, and data protection – yet they also account for changes in permissions to address security concerns, faster transaction times, and superior control over supply chains.

 Rachid Ajaja, CEO and Co-Founder of AllianceBlock:

“AllianceBlock is excited about our partnership with Plug and Play Crypto and Digital Assets. Our ecosystem benefits from their broad network of innovative startups, industry pioneers, and thought leaders, as well as the value that we will provide to the Plug and Play ecosystem as experts in the decentralized space and the infrastructure for builders and developers to build on top of. We share the vision of a participatory economy, one that is fair, transparent, sustainable, and inclusive, and together we are working tirelessly to make that a reality,” 

The bottom…

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