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IMTS 2022 Conference: Discover the Benefits of Using the Digital Twin in CNC

The technology training experts at camInstructor are offering Mastercam training courses in both online and hybrid formats. Each CNC programming training course includes high quality video instruction, step-by-step printable instructions, and quizzes and exams. By completing all courses, employees learn how to machine more than 30 parts in Mastercam mill 2D, mill 3D, lathe, solids, 4-axis, 5-axis, and wire.

Successfully implemented in shops throughout North America, camInstructor’s online courses played an integral part in keeping CNC programming instruction on track during the Covid-19 pandemic by allowing students to learn remotely for uninterrupted training. Now, these courses can be offered in a hybrid format as more workers head back to the shop or office.

The company’s premium subscription includes a full version of Mastercam Home Learning Edition software licensed for educational use with more than 200 hours of training contained in seven courses. Students can ask an unlimited number of questions to a certified instructor for up to a year. This is helpful during online-only instruction.

Four certificates are awarded after passing interactive hands-on tests for Mastercam Mill 2D, Mastercam Mill 3D, Mastercam Lathe, and 4-axis. These certificates confirm the student has passed and can draw and toolpath a part similar to the part examples in the course.  Because camInstructor is a third-party partner of CNC Software LLC, the developers of Mastercam, certifications in these courses are recognized by them.

In addition to the Mastercam instruction, other courses available by camInstructor include manual programming courses for CNC Mill and Lathe, how to Setup and Operate a Haas 3-Axis, 4-Axis, 5-Axis CNC mill and lathes in addition to comprehensive SOLIDWORKS courses which include sketching, modeling, assemblies, and drawings.

The courses are designed for students who want to learn at their own pace. All include step-by-step instructions and coordinating videos so each step is demonstrated for all types of learners. Each task is short and easy to accomplish, encouraging the student to use the software to learn rather than reading lengthy tutorials. In fact, more than 75% of a student’s time is spent working on projects, building up from simple CAD drawings to more complex parts and toolpaths by the end of the course. The end of each lesson includes exercises to help reinforce what the student has already learned.

“Our customers achieved great success with our online courses during the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Sheila Weidinger of camInstructor. “Their ability to continue instruction despite shutdowns and mandated quarantines helped them keep operations on track and achieve Mastercam certifications without missing a beat. They were also able to train new and existing employees to use the software, filling open positions and keeping their machines running optimally.”

Employers can track and review employee progress on both computers and smart phones, providing a real-time report on their investment. In hybrid operations, employers can offer the online courses on-site at a time and place that works best for their own situation.

“Our online learning format has had proven success both before and during the pandemic. Now that companies are calling some employees back to the shop, they can incorporate camInstructor into on-site continuing education programs and train new employees to fill open positions. Mastercam certification is the icing on the cake,” said Weidinger.

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