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CJI: Global culture a threat to local symbols, identity | India News

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NEW DELHI: Chief Justice of India NV Ramana on Friday said mindless aping of global culture is obliterating our rich heritage, cultural symbols and ethnic identities and the time has come for the youth to revive their links with our magnificent languages.
Speaking at Osmania University in Hyderabad during the conferment of the honoris causa on him, Justice N V Ramana said: “As this global culture engulfs the world, the need for sustaining diversity assumes great significance. The global culture is emerging as a threat to local cultural symbols and identities. The social media, television and pop culture glamourise a particular way of life, and sadly we are blindly aping the same.”
He added, “According to the 2021 Unesco World Report of Languages, half of the approximately 7,000 languages spoken in the world today could disappear by the end of the century. With loss of each language, we are not only losing considerable literature and folklore, but also losing wisdom inherited through generations.”
Justice Ramana said he is not opposed to globalisation, but is merely pointing out the irreversible adverse impact it has on several crucial aspects of our country. “The rising inequities between classes need urgent attention. We need to find a model of globalisation which is sustainable, equitable and just for all,” he said.


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