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3 Strategies to Make the Most of Medicare | Personal Finance

You also don’t have to be on Social Security to sign up for Medicare. In fact, full retirement age for Social Security purposes kicks in after age 65, so often, it pays to enroll in Medicare first.

2. Review your choices for coverage every year

As mentioned, we’re in the middle of Medicare’s open enrollment period, which starts every year in mid-October and ends in early December. Open enrollment isn’t for new enrollees — it’s for those who have Medicare already.

During that period, you have an opportunity to review your plan choices and make changes that could save you money or give you better access to providers. So it pays to do that research, especially since Part D and Advantage plans can change from year to year, and not always for the better.

3. Take advantage of free preventive services

Many parts of Medicare aren’t free. Often, you’ll face a copay or coinsurance when you renew a prescription or see a doctor. But Medicare does offer enrollees a number of free preventive care services, and it pays to use them.

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