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2 Supercharged Dividend Stocks to Buy If There’s a Stock Market Sell-Off

During a market sell-off, high-quality companies like NextEra Energy and Brookfield Infrastructure can be great buys. These companies have shown strong growth in the past and offer attractive dividend yields.

NextEra Energy is a leader in clean energy, with a strong track record of increasing its dividend. The company expects to continue delivering above-average dividend growth in the coming years, driven by its low dividend payout ratio and strong earnings growth.

Brookfield Infrastructure, on the other hand, is a world leader in infrastructure with stable cash flow to support its dividend. The company has a history of growing its earnings and dividends, and expects to continue this trend in the future.

Both companies have plans for future growth and are well-positioned to provide investors with steady income and potential for solid returns. During a market sell-off, investors can take advantage of lower prices to lock in higher dividend yields and position themselves for future gains. These stocks should be considered as top picks for investors looking to capitalize on market downturns.

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