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2 Incredible Growth Stocks to Buy Hand Over Fist

Healthcare growth stocks have been outperforming value and dividend stocks since the 2008 financial crisis, with promising trends in sectors like healthcare, information technology, and alternative energy. Two healthcare growth stocks to watch are Kura Oncology and Hims & Hers Health, Inc. Both have surpassed the S&P 500 in the first five months of 2024, making them attractive options for savvy investors.

Kura Oncology, based in San Diego, is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing oral small-molecule drugs targeting cancer signaling pathways. Their stock has seen a 46% increase this year, driven by confidence in their menin inhibitor, ziftomenib, which could potentially reach over $1 billion in sales if approved for specific types of leukemia. Despite the risks associated with developing leukemia drugs, Kura’s shares may be undervalued, with a consensus price target suggesting a 44% upside potential.

Hims & Hers Health is a player in online sexual health and pharmaceuticals, showing growth and resilience despite recent market challenges. Their stock has returned 30.9% this year, supported by a record increase in new subscribers. With an aging American population leading to a growing demand for their products, Hims & Hers is positioned for long-term success. Analysts believe the stock may be undervalued by up to 33%, offering significant potential returns over the next decade.

Both Kura Oncology and Hims & Hers Health have promising growth prospects in the healthcare sector, making them worth considering for investors looking to capitalize on emerging trends and potential market gains.

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