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1 No-Brainer Growth Stock to Buy and Hold

Eli Lilly (NYSE: LLY) has been delivering outstanding performance in recent years, with market-crushing returns and strong regulatory progress. The pharmaceutical giant continues to show substantial upside potential, as evidenced by its latest quarterly update.

Eli Lilly’s strong financial results are driven by a deep lineup of new and established products. Diabetes treatment Mounjaro, obesity medicine Zepbound, cancer therapies Jaypirca and Omvoh, as well as immunosuppressant Taltz and cancer drug Verzenio, are all contributing to the company’s revenue growth. In the first quarter, Eli Lilly reported a 26% year-over-year increase in revenue to $8.8 billion, with adjusted earnings per share up by 59%.

Despite some challenges meeting demand for Zepbound, Eli Lilly is working on increasing its manufacturing capacity to support future growth. The company also has several catalysts on the horizon, including positive results from clinical trials for tirzepatide in treating sleep apnea in people with obesity, and the resubmission of an application for lebrikizumab as a treatment for atopic dermatitis.

One potential game-changer for Eli Lilly is its therapy for Alzheimer’s disease, donanemab, currently under FDA review. While the FDA has delayed the review process to seek advice from an independent panel, the drugmaker remains optimistic about the medicine’s safety and efficacy.

Analysts expect Eli Lilly’s earnings per share to grow by an average of almost 54% in the next five years, making it an attractive pharmaceutical stock to consider. While there are uncertainties surrounding donanemab, Eli Lilly’s strong lineup and promising pipeline position the company for continued success.

Investors should carefully consider their options before investing in Eli Lilly, as there are other stocks with potential for significant returns. The Motley Fool Stock Advisor team has identified 10 top stocks for investors to consider, offering a blueprint for success and guidance on building a profitable portfolio.

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