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1 Growth Stock Down 75% to Buy Right Now

Alibaba Group’s stock may not be reflecting its full potential at the moment, but that could soon change. The company has faced challenges such as China’s economic slowdown and regulatory crackdowns on technology companies, causing its shares to remain stagnant since 2022.

However, looking ahead, Alibaba’s future looks promising. Despite recent setbacks like revenue falling short of estimates and canceled spin-off plans for its subsidiaries, many of the obstacles hindering Alibaba are starting to fade away. China’s economy is showing signs of recovery, with GDP growth surpassing expectations and retail spending reaching record levels.

Internally, Alibaba is working on restructuring its cloud computing division and enhancing its logistics unit to better support its e-commerce operations. The company is also revamping its Taobao website to improve the overall shopping experience. These efforts, along with the potential for growth in the artificial intelligence and cloud computing markets, could lead to a turnaround for Alibaba.

While some investors may be skeptical due to the stock’s performance in recent years, it’s important to remember that stocks can surprise investors with sudden rallies. Companies like IBM and General Electric have experienced significant stock gains after making strategic moves in their respective industries.

For long-term investors, Alibaba’s current discounted stock price presents an opportunity rather than a red flag. Analysts expect the company’s revenue to grow in the upper-single-digit range over the next few years. Alibaba is set to report its full-year fiscal 2024 numbers on May 14, offering further insight into its potential for growth.

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