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1 Growth Stock Down 42% to Buy Right Now

Investors might be distracted by short-term challenges facing a major industry player. With the S&P 500 reaching record levels, optimism is high in the investment community. However, finding attractive buying opportunities in such a market can be difficult.

One company, in particular, with a strong history of success is currently facing a rough patch. Shares of this restaurant growth stock have dropped 42% from their peak in July 2021, but it might be worth considering adding it to your portfolio.

Starbucks (SBUX) recently reported disappointing financials for the second quarter of fiscal 2024. Revenue declined by 2%, driven by a 3% drop in same-store sales in the U.S. and an 11% decrease in China. Operating income also fell by 17.2% due to flat operating expenses and declining revenue.

CEO Laxman Narasimhan cited cautious consumer behavior and a deteriorating economic outlook as reasons for the company’s struggles. Shareholders were also given lowered revenue and earnings guidance for the full fiscal year.

Despite these challenges, there are reasons to remain optimistic about Starbucks in the long term. The company’s strong brand and focus on digital capabilities, such as its mobile app, provide a competitive edge. Management is aiming to open 55,000 stores worldwide by 2030, with growth opportunities in the U.S. and China.

Additionally, the recent weakness in the stock has made its valuation attractive, with shares trading at a low price-to-earnings ratio of 20. Investing with a long-term mindset can potentially lead to gains as Starbucks works to strengthen its position in key markets.

In conclusion, while near-term struggles may be concerning, investors should consider the long-term potential of Starbucks and its ability to rebound in the future.

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